Chevrolet Corvette C4

79 900 zł

Each generation of the legendary model of a given brand at the time of the presentation tries to refer to the latest trends of a given period while maintaining a timeless style. The 1990s were a crucial period in the development of cars. Manufacturers implemented new highest safety features, remake design and added electronic components, but car still had real driving pleasure. Also Corvette C4 was rebuilt. Chevrolet has equipped C4 in light component underbody, aluminum elements, safety features and new muscular design, which especially today shows off the eyes on the street. 

Presented car was produced in 1994, have 300 horsepower engine, creamy leather seats, and is in mint condition. Corvette only have 27000 miles mileage. Sanguineous paint, bright interior and huge V8 engine, in our opinion it is a perfect configuration. Aside from excellent investment we are getting serious American legend, which can they go forward us to golden era of automotive.

Car Equipment

  • +Minimum mileage
  • +Air conditioning
  • +Leather interior