VW Beetle

76 000 zł

History of VW Beetle was created before world war two. The main goal it was created compact car who could accommodated family, been an easy to repair and could accelerate into 100 km/h. For 65 years production VW produced 21 mln Beetle. We can safely say that Beetle motorized all world and today is cult car. Classic market can’t exsist without that car.

Our VW was produced in 2003 and subsequently exported to Japan. In its entire lifetime drove only 59000 km aroused surprise and smile on faces bystanders. That it is worth noting that this Beetle has engine fuel injection, radio and air conditioning! We can have retro car who at the same time has modern conveniences. In addition that open opportunity to using Beetle daily.





Car Equipment

  • +Minimum mileage
  • +Air conditioning